Kano Ichara's Puzzle Box
Created by: Kano Ichara
First used by: Un-named craftsman
Currently in the possession of: Unkown

Kano Ichara's Puzzle Boxes were puzzle boxes crafted by Kano Ichara, a corrupted craftsman, and each of them had a Black Pearls of Fu Leng within the box, an evil nemuranai recovered by Yasuki Funtaru, Ichara's evil associate. Normal puzzle boxes are designed to offer a modest intellectual challenge, aligning various moving faces and hinges to open them and reveal what was kept inside. Ichara crafted the boxes with no solution, but each time a particular combination of moves failed, the box's clever construction suggested that if one retraced steps the puzzle would finally be solved. The person trying to solve the box suffered the evil effects of the pearl within. Five boxes were made and the first became mad his holder, who killed his entire family. [1]


  1. Strongholds of the Empire, pp. 39, 42-43

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