Exile's Road

Exile's Road

Kanashimi no Komochi (U1), also known as Sorrow's Path, or Exile's Road, was a natural mountain pass leading to the lands far north of Rokugan [1] through the Mountains of Exile. [2]

Location Edit

Exile's Road 2

Exile's Road (U1)

This well-guarded road, located in the Haisho province, [3] was also known as Dishonor's Path and Scorpion Road during the exile of the Scorpion Clan in the Burning Sands. It connected Egami Mura (U4) to the Shrine to Jotei (U1) and continued beyond. [4]

Banished Edit

At the entrance to the pass stood a shrine, which marked the beginning of Exile's Road. Occasionally a samurai's burden of dishonor would be so great that the Emperor would sentence them to permanent banishment through Exile's Road. [5] To ensure the banished criminals departed, and to make sure they never returned, a legion of Shinjo Horsebowmen patrolled the road. [6] They were officially attached to the Army of the Khol, and could be recalled at any time should war erupt. Because of this, the Khan ordered the Thirty-Seventh Junghar Legion to reinforce them. [7]

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Sorrow's Path

Sorrow's Path


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