Razor of the Dawn Castle

Razor of the Dawn Castle

The Razor of the Dawn Castle (CB3) was located on the northwestern edge of the Kaiu Kabe, effectively anchoring it, [1] within the Yoake province. [2] It actually predated the Kaiu Wall, [3] and the lands beyond it were dominated by the Plains Above Evil. [4]

Appearance Edit

A stout rock of a fortress sitting between two steep hills the Shadowlands attacked here were rarer than anywhere else. Troops stationed here were mainly reservists, and samurai from other clans looking to make a name for themselves were often stationed here, as the Crab were loathe to let outsiders further into their defenses. The local terrain made it an ideal location for launching attacks into the Shadowlands, and the Hiruma scouts frequented the castle. [5] The Tenth through Twelfth Legions of the Third Crab Army formed the permanent garrison there. [3]

Dojo Edit

The Dojo of the Razor's Edge was situated in the shadow of the castle, [6] founded after the Clan War to give the Berserkers a quiet place to train and meditate. [3]

History Edit

Return of Fu Leng Edit

In the Month of the Rat of 1128 the castle's defenders were wiped out by an enormous Shadowlands Horde, which broke through into Rokugan, heading directly for Otosan Uchi, where Fu Leng was possessing Hantei XXXIX's body. [7]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1172 during the Destroyer War the castle was overrun by the Destroyers, [8] an the Crab used it as a central marshaling point for their forces counterattacking against the broken Wall. [9]

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