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Yoritomo's Armor
Created by: Sparrow armorer
First used by: Yoritomo
Currently in the possession of: Unkown

Kaminari, Yoritomo's Armor, the Ancestral Armor of the Mantis Clan, [1] was worn by Yoritomo throughout his time as Mantis Clan Champion. He typically only wore the breastplate of the suit. [2]

Appearance Edit

Yoritomo's Armor was a set of heavy lacquered armor made as a gift by several of the Minor Clans to celebrate his ascension as Mantis Daimyo in 1117. The armor's materials were provided by the Wasp, the suit was crafted by a Sparrow, and the armor was blessed by the priests of the Fox and Centipede Clans. The colors varied from bright green plates to the yellow silk ties and the dark green kote. [2]

Abilities Edit

The Heavy Armor grew or shrunk to suit any who would wear it. In addition it enhanced the attack and other skills of the samurai. [2]

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