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Born: Unknown 
Parents: Last Maharaja of the Ivory Kingdoms

Kamalakar was a gaijin courtier, Kshatriya, and Tactician of the Ivory Kingdoms.

Family Edit

Kamalakar was the son of the last Maharaja who reigned over the Ivory Kingdoms, [1] before they were destroyed by Kali-Ma's followers. [2]

Ruins of Ivory Palace Edit

The treasures of his father were located in the Maharaja's Vault in one of the lower levels of the Ivory Palace. Ten years after the destruction of the Kingdoms Kamalakar aided his friend Anshu to dispel the wards that blocked the entrance, but even he did not known how to unravel the powerful wards of the trasure itself, which ensured that any of Kingdomite blood would draw the wrath of the spirits of all past Maharaja. [1]

Harem Edit

Kamalakar's Harem

Kamalakar's Harem

Kamalakar followed a tradition of the Kingdoms, maintaining a Harem. [3]

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