The Ruins of Kalpa

Kalpa, the City of Rebirth, deep in the mountains north of which would be the Unicorn lands, [1] was the greatest naga city. Before it laid in ruins it was also called the wonder of the land. [2]

Founding Edit

Kalpa was built by the Qatol when the Five Kingdoms ceased the Bloodland Wars. It remained aloof from the divisions of birth and blood, and was once considered the homeland of the entire Naga race. [2]

Notable Locations Edit

The Temple of the Bright Eye, the Mahal, was the biggest temple of the city, where it was located the burial place of the Qatol, the legendary leader of the Naga race. [3]

History Edit

Ruins Edit

One fourth of the city plummetted from the heights during an earthquake, being the city walls compromised. After the Fall of the Kami, during the Great Sleep, exiled humans who did not wish to join the Great Clans discovered Kalpa. Mistakenly believing that the Naga were somehow connected to the Kami that now dominated the countryside, these humans slaughtered the remaining Naga and took the city for themselves. The restless spirits of Naga dead haunted the dreams of their killers, and after one season none but the dead remained in Kalpa. [1]

Portal to Toshigoku Edit

The maddened humans' deaths caused a passage to Toshigoku to open in the city's heart, severing the city from the Akasha. The spirits of those Naga who died there were trapped within the haunted walls, alongside with the tormented humans. [1]

Kolat Edit

The city's existence was known by the Kolat, who had followed rumors of fellow survivors from the Kami's exile. The pass leading to Kalpa was collapsed after several kolat were slaughtered. The haunted city was marked on maps hidden deep within the Kolat's Hidden Temple. [1]

Hida Yakamo Edit

In 1132 the naga marched to Kalpa. [3] The Shashakar sacrificed his life to the Child of the Pale, using the greatest Black Pearl in a magic ritual that merged his mind with Hida Yakamo and restored the Crab Clan Champion to life. [4]

Warren of the Nezumi Edit

The city was occupied by members of the Tattered Ear Tribe who called the place as the Great Snake Warren. [5] The palace was protected by Zamalash and the Tattered Ear. [6] In 1168 the nezumi in the Shinomen were attacked by the Unicorn, and the Tattered Ear they left Kalpa undefended to roam north and attack Unicorn patrols. [7]


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