Kalani's Landing

Kalani's Landing

Kalani's Landing was the seat of the Mantis Clan's power in the Colonies, second in size only to the Second City. [1]

Age of Conquest Edit

Kalani's Landing was the first place of the Ivory Kingdoms where the Mantis expedition led by Moshi Kalani landed in 1172. Moshi Higoro was the Mantis cartographer that drew the first rokugani maps of the area and he decided which names would be written. [2] In the late 12th century it had become a major town of over 5,000 people. The town was originally walled but had long since sprawled beyond those defenses. [3]

Location Edit

It was located in the Frontier, beside the Ivory Coast, [4] on the southern coast of the Colonies, not that large of a city. [5] Near the port flowed into the sea the lager Dai-Shinano, a fork of the Shinano river, which continued north to the Crane stronghold of Twin Forks City[6]

Dojo Edit

After the Edict of Exploration in 1198 many samurai began to explore the dangerous lands of the Colonies, overstretching the Imperial Explorers' duties. A new dojo was built in Kalani’s Landing, closer to the Frontier, so more Explorers were trained. [7]

History Edit

Crane Attack Edit

Harbor of Kalani's Landing

Harbor of Kalani's Landing attacked by the Crane

The port was attacked in 1198 by a Crane fleet supported by gaijin mercenaries during the Mantis-Crane War in the Colonies. Few Mantis ships were there, as the bulk of the Mantis navy had striken the Crane ports of the Aerie and moved upriver. The city would not fall, but the Crane showed the Colonies and the Empire that the Mantis mastery of the sea was contested. [8]

Governor Edit

There was no governor in Kalani's Landing. Authority there was held by the senior magistrate. [5]

Known Senior Magistrates Edit

Notable Locations Edit

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