Kakusu-Sakana no Oni was an oni summoned by Isawa Kakusu-Sakana, a bloodspeaker follower of Asahina Yajinden. As a distraction it was released in 1120 near the Imperial Guard who watched the Tomb of Iuchiban. The oni killed twenty men and the resident shugenja before it was cut down. [1]

Appearance Edit

The oni appeared similar to a hermit crab, his body was protected by a dome-like shell. It scuttled forward on a million tube-like legs hidden underneath its great bulk. A pair of sharp chitinous claws extended from either side on thick, sinewy arms. Seven glowing eyes clustered above a gaping fanged maw, all hooded by the protective hood of the shell. The beast seemed unaffected by either fire or heat. [2]

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