Kakita Yusugi

Kakita Yusugi

Kakita Yusugi, the Blue Wolf, was a bushi, duelist and yojimbo of the Crane Clan.

Training Edit

Yusugi was considered a troublemaker who had broken countless promises, so his life had been riffraff. [1] Son to a wealthy and influential duelist, he was stronger and faster than his peers, and routinely bullied other students of his dojo. When the other students graduated, his sensei determined Yusugi was unprepared to advance, and was held back for three more years. Yusugi defiantly challenged his sensei, who arranged an unusual duel with the weakest student in the dojo to fight him. He vanquished his opponent, but destroyed an ikebana flower arrangement in the process, which was a defeat condition. He was nicknamed the Blue Wolf, as he acted like a wolf holding a sword in its teeth. [2]

Charge Edit

Colonies Edit

Doji Yuka

Yuka and Yusugi

Yusugi became the yojimbo to Doji Yuka, [3] head of the Second City in the colonial capital, the Second City. Yuka was the only people who had forgiven his past sin, [1] as Yuka was his sensei's daughter. She called him ookami, her pet wolf. [4]

Troubles Edit

Yusugi challenges Makubesu

Yusugi challenges Makubesu

During the Age of Conquest Yusugi issued an improptu duel [5] to Bayushi Makubesu [6] after the Emerald Magistrate made an incriminating testimony against Yuka. [7]

Suicidal Defense Edit

In 1198 during the Siege of the Second City Yuka ordered no harm come to those who wished to flee instead to defend the embassy from the impending assault of the Ninth Imperial Legion. His charge reamined in the embassy, as Yuka had promised to serve the Imperial Governor of the Colonies Otomo Suikihime. Yusugi remained alongside Kakita Tadanobu as well, to make a last stand against a Seppun unit that would attack the building. [1]

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