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Kakita Yuchihito was a bushi of the Crane Clan.

Corrupted Edit

Yuchihito had great Gambling debts, alongside with an addiction to opium and cheap eta shisho. A kansen offered great rewards, and Yuchihito in return used maho to keep important Rokugani too concerned with petty politics, and personal vendettas to pay atention to the Shadowlands. [1]

Jester Edit

Yuchihito was the jester of Bayushi Kachiko, who had noticed his ability to manipulate people's reputations, but she was not aware of his true master. [2] While jesting the kansen goaded the target, who became easily dishonored. Doji Naruto, Kuni Nobuyoshi, Hida Sangoro, Yogo Masumi, and Isawa Otoka were doomed by Yuchihito's derision. [3]

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