Kakita Yosuga

Kakita Yosuga

Kakita Yosuga was a bushi, duelist and artisan of the Crane Clan.

Station Edit

Trained in the Kakita Academy, [1] Yosuga was the clan's master of ceremonies in Tsuma and various other important holdings. Her particular family branch maintained a military rank appropriate to their status and was appointed as a Taisa. She had been assigned an "advisor" who made all command decisions, which she then parroted. [2]

Duelist Edit

Yosuga had been a noted duelist who had been in high demand in certain circles. She oversaw various contests and tournaments. [2]

Shadow Court Edit

She was under the command of Asahina Beniha in the Embassy of the Crane in Toshi Ranbo. In 1172 she prepared the Shadow Court when the winter court was cancelled. [3]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1173 during the Destroyer War her unit was assigned to defend Zokujin Mura. The first assault of the forces of Kali-Ma had been wiped out after an avalanche of earth in the mountain pass that came to the village caught the reinforcements of the Destroyers. After three weeks of siege, the gaijin demons attacked again, and the defenders encouraged by the Oracle of Thunder Togashi Mitsu repelled them once more. [2]

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