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Kakita Yoshi 
Kakita Yoshi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1132 
Died after return: 1150 
Parents: Kakita Toshimo 
Siblings: Kakita Toshimoko
Kakita Teinko 
Titles: Kakita Daimyo,
Imperial Chancellor,
Imperial Advisor

Kakita Yoshi was the brother of Kakita Toshimoko and Kakita Teinko. He was a skilled courtier and Imperial Advisor to three Emperors. Like any Kakita born while the gates of Kyuden Kakita were closed, he was cursed never to touch steel, or else Kyuden Kakita would fall.

Appearance Edit

Kakita Yoshi 2

Kakita Yoshi

Yoshi was a slender man, with long hair dyed white in the common style of the Crane. His eyes were ice blue, sharp and cold. His voice was the most notable thing about him, being deep and resonant, having been carfully practiced for a long time. When he spoke it was clear he had considered his words, and this would often lead to him being called upon by the Emperor to compose impromtu poetry. [1]

Curse Edit

Since the day of his birth Yoshi could not touch a sword, and he would not even draw a blade to save his own life. This was not due to his pacifistic ways, but rather a curse laid upon Shiro sano Kakita long before he was born. Yoshi had been born while the gates of the castle were closed during a siege by the Lion Clan, and was forbidden by decree to ever draw steel, be it a tanto, wakizashi or katana. As a results Yoshi never studied iaijutsu nor kenjutsu. [2]

Kakita Daimyo Edit

While Yoshi was the daimyo of the Kakita he was only in charge of the beuraucratic parts of ruling, by his own choice. The military parts of the rule he would leave to his brother, Kakita Toshimoko, the sensei of the Kakita Dueling Academy. Toshimoko, who was the elder brother, was technically supposed to be the Kakita Daimyo, but declined the honor because it would constrict his lifestyle. Therefor the younger Yoshi became the political head of the family. [3]

Liason Edit

Kakita Yoshi 1

Kakita Yoshi, Crane Liason

In addition to being the daimyo of the Kakita, Yoshi would serve as aide and personal advisor to the Emperor Hantei XXXVIII and as a liason between the Imperial Court and the Crane Clan. His high standing in Rokugan meant few would dare speak ill of Yoshi. He has allies in every house in the Empire, and Yoshi can get anything anyone needs, be it goods or secrets. It all comes at a price however, you would owe him a favor in return, to be paid when he would need it. [4]

Courtier Edit

Yoshi was one of the most powerful men in the Empire at his time. His strength was not that of a sword, but his skills at court. He had alot of political power not just within the Crane Clan and Imperial Court, but with several daimyo of the other major clans who owed him debts of honor or other favors. [3]

Spy Edit

Yoshi considered himself a spy, who informed the Emperor every movement the Crane army made. It was known and approved by the Crane Clan Champion at that time, Doji Satsume, and also by his son Doji Hoturi. Yoshi gained the favor of the Emperor to the Crane diminishing the power of the Lion at the court. [5]

Slandering Kachiko Edit

During Winter Court at Kyuden Seppun in winter 1113-1114 it was known that Shosuro Kachiko would be married to Bayushi Shoju, the Scorpion Clan Champion. Kachiko was already bethrothed to Hiruma Maruku, so the engagement with the Crab had been broken. Yoshi easily manipulated Maruku, telling of the Scorpion maiden's unfaithfulness, and spreading rumors of a baby already in her womb. An accusation, a duel, was inevitable, and Kachiko's honor was championed by Doji Hoturi, who struck down the Maruku. [6]

Bold Mantis Movement Edit

In 1113 Yoritomo had seized Kyuden Suru Kokai in the Doji shoreline, and the Emperor decided to send an emissary to parley. Kachiko gained the Emperor's favor and was sent to the Mantis. Hoturi, Toshimoko, Daidoji Uji, and Yoshi counseled how they had to act, and when Kachiko was taken as prisoner by Yoritomo, Hoturi led a counterattack with Daidoji forces. The Crane fortress was recovered in the Battle of Ice and Snow. [7]

Imperial Chancellor Edit

Yoshi was appointed as Imperial Chancellor, and after the Scorpion Coup he supported his Lord Doji Hoturi. [8]

Imperial Advisor Edit

Kakita Yoshi 3

Kakita Yoshi, Imperial Advisor

In deference to the sacrifice of his lifelong friend Doji Hoturi, Toturi I selected a Crane for his Imperial Advisor, [9] and Yoshi was the selected. [10] His station as Imperial Chancellor was occupied by Takuan. [8]

Sensei Edit

Yoshi trained his nephew Kakita Ichiro in the ways of politics. [5]

Winter Court - 1123 Edit

In 1123 during winter court at Kyuden Seppun rumors of Bayushi Kachiko replacing Yoshi as Imperial Advisor were spread. Some whispered that her son, Bayushi Dairu, might be the half-brother of the Imperial Heir, Hantei Sotorii. It was an action which angered Yoshi greatly. [11]

Winter Court - 1125 Edit

In 1125 the Crane were concerned with their current situation. The Emperor's wife was not of the Doji family for first time in centuries, and to make it worse she was the manipulator Bayushi Kachiko. The Lion-Crane War was depleting the Daidoji military resources. And the Great Bear Hida Kisada had removed his armies from the Kaiu Wall, marching north to the empty lands of the Scorpion, ready to reach the Beiden Pass, from where they coud threaten the Crane territory. In winter court at Kyuden Kakita Yoshi expected to bring allies from the Phoenix and Unicorn. [12]

Clan Wars Edit

Yoshi saw madness in the eyes of his returned Clan Champion, Doji Hoturi, during the Fall of Kyuden Kakita. [13] Yoshi accepted the former Captain of the Imperial Guard, Seppun Ishikawa, to join the Kakita. Yoshi would use Ishikawa as a pawn, passing to the Scorpion Clan the information that Ishikawa woul continue with his investigation upon the Emperor's wife, Bayushi Kachiko. Yoshi expected Kachiko would be occupied attempting to kill Ishikawa, time which would be used by Yoshi to devise his own plots against her. [14]

Hidden Emperor Edit

In 1130, after Toturi I disappeared, the Imperial Chancellor Takuan turned to Kakita Yoshi for aid. [15] Yoshi complied and quickly became the true power behind the Jade Throne. [16] Yoshi swore to Bayushi Kachiko the Scorpion Children would be safe in Crane hands, while the Scorpion Clan left the Empire to its exile in the Burning Sands. [17] [18]

Hitomi Requests Aid to the Court Edit

In 1132 from Kyuden Hitomi Dragon ambassadors came to the Imperial Court, telling tales of genocide by the Naga, and speaking claims of peace. Hitomi sent a message of goodwill and unity through, and an offer of brotherhood to all who wished to join her in her quest for enlightenment. [19] Hitomi Kobai offered food for the Imperial military support against the Naga army, and Takuan accepted after Yoshi lobbied for it. [20]

Mantis Invasion of the Phoenix Lands Edit

The same year Yoritomo Hogosha lobbied in the Imperial Court to favor the Mantis Invasion of the Phoenix lands. Yoshi listened to his words, and the Phoenix ally, the Crane, stood quiet and did not chase Yoritomo when he left the Beiden Pass. [21]

Death Edit

The Mantis invasion took more time than anyone expected, and Yoshi turn his opinion about the matter. He loobied to returned Toturi I against the Mantis, and told about them as butchers, honorless men who were pillaging and destroying the Asako family lands and ruining it. The opinion of the Emerald Champion, his nephew Seppun Toshiken, was completely different, seeing the Mantis as invaders, but without murdering, bringing food from their islands, feeding the starving peasants as they seize the land, to avoid dying of the Phoenx heimin. The maddened Toturi was sick of that and commanded Toshiken to "silence" the Imperial Court. During the slaughter of the Imperial Court in 1132 Yoshi was cut down by Toshiken. [22]

Return Edit

Kakita Yoshi 4

Kakita Yoshi, Returned Spirit and Imperial Advisor

In 1133 Yoshi returned to life [23] [24] via Oblivion's Gate, regaining his previous position. [25] Yoshi negotiated the end of the War of Spirits between Toturi I and Hantei XVI. [26]

Second Death Edit

Yoshi was among those returned spirits who went back to the spirit realms through the Leaping Place. [26] The next generations of courtiers reverenced the Yoshi's Fan in hopes that some shadow of the soul that once wielded it might be reflected in his own. [27] A shrine to honor him was built at Seido Kakita. [28]

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Yoshi Sensei

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