Kakita Umeki 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 925 
Parents: Kakita Konyo

Kakita Umeki was the beautiful daughter of Kakita Konyo, Master of the Kakita Dueling Academy. [1]

Betrothed Edit

Umeki was pretended by prominent samurai, as Shinjo Inejiro, cousin to the Unicorn Clan Champion. Her father disdained the Unicorn Clan's barbaric ways, and he not allowed the betrothal. Inejiro founded the city of Oshindoka Toshi in 925 in order to please him. Konyo was surprised and retracted some harsh comments he had previously made about the Unicorn and promised Umeki's hand to Inejiro as soon as the city was complete. [1]

Umeki's Death Edit

Matsu Hajime was a rival suitor for Umeki, although purely for political reasons. Hajime was enraged when Inejiro won Umeki's hand and accused Kakita Konyo of breaking his oath to the Lion Clan. Hajime brutally attacked the Kakita lands. Inejiro and his followers rushed to the Kakita's defense, but arrived too late to save Umeki, who had been shot by a stray arrow near the beginning of the siege. [1]

Legacy Edit

Inejiro furiously swore to kill every Lion commander that had taken up arms against Konyo. Konyo added his forces to Inejiro's and the joint army invaded the Matsu lands. After one year Inejiro completed his quest and returned to his unfinished city. Kakita Konyo donated a statue of Umeki to Inejiro, which was placed at the city gates. [2]

Inejiro's Death Edit

Sometime after Oshindoka Toshi was completed, a Pekkle no Oni arrived at the city and assumed Umeki's appearance. It seduced Inejiro and poisoned him in his sleep. None suspect his death was anything but an accident. [3]


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