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Kakita Ujirou

Kakita Ujirou

Kakita Ujirou was a bushi, duelist, and magistrate of the Crane Clan.

Storming Shiro no Yojin Edit

In 1200 the Lion claimed the northern portion of the Kintani Valley fell within the purview of Seizuka Shiro, and the Crane were forced to vacate Shiro Kyotei. Shortly after Shiro no Yojin was stormed by Crane forces under the command of Kakita Ujirou. The Ancestral Standard of the Lion was captured from an Akodo Honor Guard who was passing through Shiro no Yojin. The Lion relinquished their claim, and both strongholds were returned to their former owners. [1]

External Links Edit

Demonstrating Technique

Mirumoto Houken and Ujirou demonstrating technique

Kakita Ujirou 2

Kakita Ujirou


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