Kakita Tobasu 
Kakita Tobasu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 7th century

Kakita Tobasu was a general of the Crane Clan of the 7th century.

Death Edit

Tobasu was in routine maneuvers when his unit was the victim of a sneak Phoenix attack. They were destroyed by an army of Shiba House Guard and Isawa Shugenja. [1]

Toshigoku Edit

The Isawa performed the Ritual of Forgetting upon Tobasu and his men, and their souls remained prisoner in Toshigoku ever since, becoming toshi, the fighting warriors of the Legacy of the Forge. [1]

Unleashed at Toshi Ranbo Edit

In 1122 the traitor Kitsu Goden and the Scorpion infiltrator Bayushi Sozui conducted a ritual that moved the Legacy upon Ningen-do. The spirits possessed the Crane and Lion samurai, giving Tobasu the revenge he wished. Tobasu suffused the Crane General in the Battle of the Forgotten Tide, following the orders of the casters. [2]

A Trap is Sprung Edit

Tobasu and Goden created a physical gateway into Meido, located at Goden's chambers at Shiro sano Ken Hayai. A group of samurai who were investigating the events related with the Legacy were lured to Goden's presence, and crossing the portal tricked by the Sodan Senzo. [3] Tobasu continued his eternal struggle with the Lion at the border with the Crane, possessing military forces and sparking conflicts, then withdrawing for a time. [4]

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