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Kakita Takara was a samurai-ko of the Crane Clan.

Amused by Akagi Edit

Takara was the youngest niece of Doji Numata's successor. Where she lived was famous because a Tattooed Monk, Togashi Akagi, had climbed in 1171 to the top of the palace's roof in the time of Numata as governor, and he never left the place except during the Destroyer War. In 1189 she decided to understand why the monk had decided to live there, and climbed to various toproofs before she came to talk with him. Takara finally gathered courage enough, aided by the sake she drank, and reached Akagi. Both had a conversation that Akagi found enlightened. [1]

Colonies Edit

Yoritomo Souta was her friend, and they usually drank sake and shared tales together. Eventually Souta was sent to the Colonies. [2] The skilled, but too violent for finesse duelist eventually moved to the Colonies, and her time there granted Takara stature and ability. [3]

Renowned Duelist Edit

Takara discovered a remarkable blade she called Zansatsu and entered the ranks of the Kenshinzen. In her brief time back she had defeated 3 Matsu, a Mirumoto, and a Bayushi. In 1200 during the Twenty Festivals, Kakita Shinichi, his brother Kakita Daitsu and Takara were selected to provide examples of the grand Kakita style across the Empire. The Crane Clan expected their show of skills would convince the new Emperor Iweko II to foster a child into the Kakita school. [3]


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