Kakita Sutebu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1132

Kakita Sutebu was a member of the kolat who died when tried to protect half of the Tao of Shinsei from the Lying Darkness.

Nikesake Edit

Sutebu was know as painter and son of the commanding Crane officer in Nikesake. [1]

Kolat Edit

In secret he was a kolat member. When he was on a mission, he concealed the time he passed out of the city explaining he was in the wilderness of the Isawa Mori, to find inspiration for his paintings. [1]

Tao of Shinsei Edit

In 1132 Ikudaiu, another fellow kolat, had sent Sutebu to meet another kolat messenger, a ronin who carried half of the Tao. Sutebu said that he would go to the wilderness to paint. During the night a sudden blizzard appeared and was supposed missed. Sutebu knew the minions of the Shadows were hunting the Tao and the kolat who had stolen it, and was hidden in a village with a false name. [1] [2]

Death Edit

The next day he was killed by the Goju. [1]

Daidoji Rekai Edit

Daidoji Rekai was also seeking the Tao and had been tracking Sutebu. When she knew where he was supposed to be, Rekai stepped in the Isawa Mori to find Sutebu in the middle of the blizzard. Ikudaiu met her and explained why she never would find him. The monk knew the Shadows were chasing him and gave Rekai the other half of the Tao to be protected. She had to put it safe quickly, or she could join the same fate than Sutebu. [1]


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