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Kakita Shino was a duelist of the Crane Clan.

Demeanor Edit

Shino was an arrogant samurai, who did his best to embody the stereotypically arrogant Crane, despite he came from a poor family. [1]

Topaz Championship Edit

Shino was selected to compete in the Topaz Championship, sponsored by a wise noble. Becoming the Topaz Champion would give him the connections his family needed. [1]

Spooking Kamahime Edit

Shino had been harassing the organizers for a room with a better view, and he decided to spook Usagi Kamahime, a samurai-ko with a better room. Shino pinned in her door a faked letter of challenge from an old nemesis, with the name of the challenger was torn off. Unknown to Shino, Kamahime knew she was being near-sighted, so she started stalking anyone until she realized he was not her nemesis. [1]

Goading Otakan Edit

Shino saw Mirumoto Otakan, another of the contenders, as a menace in the contest, and goaded him to an unsanctioned duel.  Both duelists survived, and they even passed the first two days of the tournament, reaching the iaijutsu contest. [1]

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