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Kakita Seishi 
Kakita Seishi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1199

Kakita Seishi was an Artisan of the Crane Clan. She was considered a musician who moved the hearts and upliftted the souls of all who heared her. [1] She was concerned with the loss of lifes during the Mantis-Crane War in the Colonies. In the ruined Ivory Kingdoms Seishi became friend of Tamori Tamoko, [2] who first was a rival, and even an enemy before they befriended. Seishi's dream was peace in the Colonies. [3]

Death Edit

In 1199 Seishi aided a monk named Omigawa in an important investigation, a matter that could help uncover the cause of the violence unleashed in the colonies. This investigation led them to a hidden glade, overlooked by a temple to Fudo. This glade was sacred to a malevolent ryu, [3] Natsumi, [4] who took offense at their presence. Seishi died defending Omigawa from a blow that was meant for him. The monk supposedly killed the creature in turn. Her memorial was presided by Tamoko. Her death happened a week before her wedding with Doji Atsumichi. [3]

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Seishi is killed by Natsumi

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