Kakita Sasa was a duelist and magistrate of the Crane Clan.

Conflict with the Mantis Edit

Sasa was the chief magistrate at Twin Forks City, and for months tension had been building with the Mantis Clan. In 1199 a representative of the Daidoji Trading Council, Daidoji Sosuke, arrived to devise a plan. She raised the tariffs on Yoritomo Minhiko's cargo, who was goaded to challenge the Crane. Sasa was Sosuke's champion and defeated Yoritomo Tsang in a duel to death. All Mantis ships were charged tariffs at a higher rate since. [1]

P'an Ku's Madness Edit

The war had finished, and conversations between both Clans followed. Sasa was appointed as yojimbo to the head diplomat, Doji Iza, and her counterpart was Yoritomo Sachina. They were surprised when rioters began to set to fire city buildings and kill those they encountered in their way. Sasa suffered an outburst, and drew her sword towards Sachina's throat. She requested the Mantis would try no trickery or betrayal while they combated this threat, but she was appeased by Sachina's Yojimbo. [2] Sasa's mind was slipping into madness due to the influx of P'an Ku.

Resumed Negotiations Edit

Once P'an Ku was banished and the order in the Second City was restored, both delegations resumed the negotiations. The Mantis had appointed Yoritomo Yashinko as the new head of their delegation, with Tsuruchi Yashiro as her yojimbo. [3]


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