Kakita Rensei 
Kakita Rensei 
Born: 935 
Died: 962 
Died after return: 1159 
Parents: Un-named Kakita Dueling Academy sensei 
Children: Kakita Matabei

Kakita Rensei was a famous bushi of the Daidoji school.

Training Edit

Rensei's father was a minor sensei in the Kakita Dueling Academy, who was disappointed by the boy's poor grasp of technique. Instead to send him to the Academy, he sent his son to train with the Daidoji Iron Warriors to train him as a soldier. To his family's surprise, Rensei quickly blossomed into a swordsman of deadly skill. [1]

Duelist Edit

After his gempukku Rensei undertook a musha shugyo wandering the Empire to hone his skills. He was always a soft-spoken, even-tempered samurai and never bragged about his skills. Rensei eventually did spend some time training with the Kenshinzen. [1] Rensei lived a simple life, and followed his heart in all matters. Despite his simple way of living he had an uncanny way of spotting an opponents weakness, and would consistently beat his opponents in duels. He was such a fine blade that legend claimed he once cut a mounted opponent in two and his horse with him. [2]

Travels Edit

Rensei was repeatedly approached with the position of Master of the Kakita Dueling Academy, but he merely replied he did not want his life in a cage, no matter how bautiful the view. He would never stay in one place, and travelled from village to village throughout Rokugan learning the ways of other clans. [2]

Night of Falling Stars Edit

During the Night of Falling Stars he offered his services to Daidoji Tenzo, the shireikan, and Daidoji Yuzan, the Daidoji Daimyo. His prowess was unmatchable, but the Crane could not withstand the Lion army. [2] [3]

Disappearence Edit

The exact circumstances involving his death were unknown, but it was known that he travelled to Shiro Matsu after the fall of Shiro no Yojin with the intention of challenging the Champion of the Matsu family to a duel. If he reached the castle or not remained a mystery, for his body was never found and the Champion he would have faced vanished three months after Rensei had left for his quest. Neither's deaths were recorded, and no evidence of a duel existed. [2]

"True samurai must keep constantly in mind, by day and by night, the fact that they must die."

Return Edit

Rensei was one of many spirits who returned through Oblivion's Gate in the 12th century. Rensei served Toturi's forces during the War of Spirits, but felt his presence in the mortal realm was not right. Rensei was killed in 1159, as many other spirits were, by an unknown assailant. The murder was another in the investigation led by Miya Shoin at the behest of Hantei Naseru. [5] He bore a son, Kakita Matabei. [6]

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Code of Bushido says that Rensei offered his services to Daidoji Yuzan. Way of the Crane says Daidoji Tenzo. In truth both could be correct, but it is more likely that Yuzan is the correct name as he was definitely the Daidoji Daimyo at that time.

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