Kakita Rekkusu

Kakita Rekkusu

Kakita Rekkusu was a bushi and Emerald Magistrate of the Crane Clan. He was a supporter of Toturi Naseru.

Emerald Magistrate Edit

Rekkusu was appointed as Emerald Magistrate. [1]

Fighting the Lion Edit

Rekkusu met in battle Matsu Ferishi, and he was impressed by her beauty. [2]

Blood Hunt Edit

In 1166 Rekkusu killed his distant cousin Kakita Akija in a teahouse at Shimomura. Akija was talking with him when became mad and seemed intent on destroying the building and everyone within it, including Rekkusu. Realizing his cousin was a Maho-tsukai Rekkusu managed to kill him before the bloodspeaker could make further damage. [1]

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