Kakita Osei 
Kakita Osei 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1167

Kakita Osei was a minor functionary for the Crane Clan and a liaison to the Daidoji Harriers.

Responsibilities Edit

During Doji Kurohito's reign as Crane Clan Champion, Osei worked for Doji Akiko, the champion's wife. She was responsible for routing much of the Gozoku's resources around the empire. She knew not what Akiko's intentions or activities were, only that they needed to be concealed from the Crane's many enemies. [1]

Her work with the harriers forced her to more dishonorable acts against the Crab. Travelling under false documents as a Yasuki trader, she made several trips to Crab lands, attacking trade routes between the Crane and Crab in order to inflate the price of rice. [2]

It was Osei's failure to protect a shipment of goods bound for Bayushi Atsuki's stronghold in Unicorn lands that lead to the death of Akiko and the seppuku of Kurohito. [3] after Ikoma Masote used the material he retrieved from the caravan to accuse Akiko of Gozoku membership. This day Osei discovered that some of the acts she was required to commit aided not the Crane or the Emperor, but the Gozoku, and she was filled with shame. [1]

Death Edit

In 1167 she was killed in Shiro no Yojin by Matsu Robun in an unsanctioned duel as revenge for her role in the downfall of Ikoma Masote. Osei welcomed redemption in the next life. [1]

Regret Edit

Robun was removed from his post, and later he found his acts foolish. As a way to atone his shame Robun was tasked to find the ronin who aided Osei in her rice price manipulations. The Crab had tracked her activities when she was already dead and the Lion wished to put Osei affairs to rest, then Robun ancestors would be at peace. [2]

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