Kakita Naru was an artisan of the Crane Clan.

Family Edit

Naru lost his parents when he was child, and in their deathbed he swore he would enter in the Kakita Dueling Academy, despite his natural gift for the music. [1]

Iaijutsu Training Edit

After his gempukku he trained with the Iaijutsu duelists, until one of the Artisan Masters heard his music and claimed Naru to be trained in the ways of the Kakita Artisan. Before he moved he practiced with his sensei, suffering an accidental cut in the neck which gave him mute for life. [1]

Musician Edit

Naru became a high demanded hichiriki musician, who traveled with a caravan of performers and made a famous duet alongside his friend Soshi Kokei, known as "The Scorpion and the Crane". [2] Naru had attended two winter courts, the last of them in 1122 at Kyuden Seppun. There he fell in love of Biko, a heimin aide to Miya Hiyoko, who had an extraordinary voice. In 1123 declined to assist to winter court at Kyuden Kakita, and remained at Otosan Uchi, expecting to court Biko, despite she as a heimin was not available, not to one of his stature. [1]

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