Kakita Nakazo

Kakita Nakazo

Kakita Nakazo was a bushi and duelist of the Crane Clan.

Station Edit

Nakazo was appointed as a chui of the Crane Clan Army. [1]

Toshi Ranbo Falls Edit

In 1159, when the Lion Clan distracted by the conflict with the Tsuno and troubled by Shiba Aikune's assault, the Crane Clan engineered a plot in Toshi Ranbo to excuse a military intervention. They provoked several riots with the secretive Daidoji Harrier units. [2] Doji Kurohito had ordered Nakazo to mass troops near Toshi Ranbo, [3] and Nakazo marched in to take Toshi Ranbo as it's protector, due to the Lion Clan's inability to protect it. Hantei Naseru intervened to arbitrate a diplomatic solution, eventually deciding in favor of the Crane Clan. [4] [5]

War of Silk and Steel Edit

In 1167 Nakazo was appointed at Taisa of the Crane army in the War of Silk and Steel by the new Crane Clan Champion, Doji Domotai. [6]

The Wanderer Edit

In 1168 the Imperial Court had received testimony from the Nezumi ambassador Zin'tch indicating the Emperor Toturi III had entered the Shadowlands. The Empress Toturi Kurako exposed Naseru had left the Imperial City Toshi Ranbo months ago as a wanderer seeking enlightenment. The Emerald Champion Yasuki Hachi would lead a rescue party with assembled forces from every Clan in the Crab lands. Near the ruins of Kosaten Shiro this news were reported by Daidoji Minoru to Nakazo and Daidoji Kikaze. The Daidoji Daimyo ordered Nakazo to lead the Crane rescue party but he refused, because the appoinment made by Domotai could not be set aside. The point was accepted and the Crane party would be led by Kikaze. Nakazo swore the Dragon would not gain one foot of Crane land in Kikaze absence. [6]

Akodo War College Edit

In 1170 Nakazo was sent to the Lion lands to study at the Akodo War College. He met the Lion Clan Champion Akodo Shigetoshi in the Castle of the Swift Sword. Nakazo was not young, but the Crane decided that an opportunity to study at the Akodo War College should not be wasted upon a youngster who might show no aptitude for it. [1]

Aged Edit

In 1199 Nakazo was an aged man who liked to talk about his time among the Lion. One of his eyes was cloudy, but the other saw clearly enough. He would not live much longer. [7]

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