Kakita Mitohime 
Kakita Mitohime 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Bayushi Muhito,
Kakita Korihime

Kakita Mitohime was a skilled duelist and Emerald Magistrate of the Crane Clan.

Parents Edit

Mitohime was trained in the Tsuma Dojo. [1] She had been born without her parents, Bayushi Muhito, and Kakita Korihime, being wed. Korihime fell in disgrace and lived apart of her Clan. Mitohime only knew the name of her father when she had already passed her gempukku, shortly before her mother told she had killed her father Muhito. [2] The Scorpion had intended to take the child at birth and raise it among his clan, and Korihime would be able to continue her life without interruption, as a gift that he wished to give her. She was not willing to surrender the child when it was born, and killed Muhito. [3]

Duelist Edit

She won a duel against Matsu Burai who had a grudge against the Crane. Word of it reached to the Crane Clan Champion Doji Makoto, who congratulated her personally. She also heard Mitohime's tongue was as sharp as her blade. [2]

Colonies Edit

Mitohime moved to the Colonies. In 1198 the Mantis-Crane War in the Colonies had broken after a duel where Yoritomo Tsang died. The duelist was attacked in a tea house by Tsang's brother, a practitioner of the unorthodox Tanuki-jutsu style. [4]

Kakita Ikura's Yojimbo Edit

In 1199 Mitohime was confronted by Bayushi Mitsuo, who wished to know the detail of his uncle, Bayushi Muhito. Korihime told to her cousin the sad history of her parents. Mitsuo left Mitohime, and swore Korihime would pay his uncle's death. [3] Time later Mitohime was back at Tsuma when she was confronted again by Mitsuo, who was killed. Kakita Ikura's hatamoto mistakenly believed that Mitsuo had been after Ikura's life. After conversing with Mitohime, he learned that she had led Mitsuo to believe that Kakita Korihime, his target and her mother, was staying in Tsuma when she was actually elsewhere. Ikura offered Mitohime the opportunity to be his yojimbo after she said that she had little else to do other than return to her mother's estate. [1]

Emerald Magistrate and Kenshinzen Edit

Eventually Mitohime was appointed as Emerald Magistrate. She earned such glory that eclipsed her moher's disgrace. [5] In the same year she attained the title of Kenshinzen. Her Lord passed to him the Kakita Blade Kandaisa, wielded by Kakita Toshimoko himself. Toshimoko's lost technique would flourish. [6]

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