Kakita Michitaka

Kakita Michitaka

Kakita Michitaka of House Ashidaka was cousin of the Emerald Magistrate of Ryoko Owari Toshi, Ashidaka Naritoki. [1]

Atypical Crane Edit

Michitaka was a fat Crane, who do not have the subtle, gracious, or tasteful skills the Crane used to have. While his cousin was alive he lived comfortable as relative of an Imperial Magistrate. [1]

Embarrassing event Edit

Michitaka went to the House of the Morning Star to pass another night with the geisha Oko. He was so drunk that Oko changed her clothes with another geisha, Syrup, and Michitaka did not notice the difference. The next day he bought an expensive comb for his new love. [2]

Seeking revenge Edit

When Michitaka learned of his cousin's death got drunk during five days, and suffered a spiritual revelation. The spirit of Naritoki appeared to him and requested Michitaka to take revenge on those who had killed him. It was most possibly a drunken hallucination, but he took it seriously. He dressed in white clothes, began a training regimen, sought any track which could give information on his cousin's murderers. [1]


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