Kakita Kiyamori 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named tribal chieftain 
Siblings: Kakita 
Spouse: Yasuki Torikago

Kakita Kiyamori was the twin sister of Kakita, [1] [2] both of which were children of a tribal chieftain. [3]

The Emerald Championship Edit

Kiyamori accompanied her brother Kakita in his journey to Otosan Uchi to compete in the first Tounament of the Emerald Champion, which Kakita eventually won. She collected samples of the languages from the tribes they passed. [4]

Crane Clan Edit

When Kakita went to seek the answers to Lady Doji's challenges Kiyamori stayed to be Doji's lady in waiting. Upon Kakita's return and marriage to Doji, Kiyamori married the son of Yasuki, Yasuki Torikago, in return for the help the wise woman had given to Kakita. [1] [2]

"She is mortal now, and I assure you she is a woman like any other."

Poet Edit

Kiyamori was also famous for her poetry, and some of her work could be found in the compilation work Manyoshu. [5] Kiyamori was a storyteller as well as an artist, [6] and she was the founder of the Kakita Artisan school, and helped Lady Doji create the written language which was used in Rokugan. [7]


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