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Kakita Kazuyoshi

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Kakita Kazuyoshi 
Kakita Kazuyoshi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Kakita Domaru,
Doji Kinako 
Siblings: Kakita Yotso,
Kakita Reitoko,
Kakita Kaaze, Kakita Wahori,
Kakita Deinko

Kakita Kazuyoshi, a name which meant "Harmonious Joy", was a bushi duelist of the Crane Clan. [1]

Training Edit

Kazuyoshi was the eldest children of Kakita Domaru and Doji Kinako. While his siblings excelled Kazuyoshi graduated at eighteen years old in the Kakita Dueling Academy the second-to-last in his class. [1]

Feat Edit

Kazuyoshi overcame his low start and attended the dojo where Kakita Toshimoko himself was the sensei. The final exam was to perform the Wheel Stroke to Four-Sides Cut while sitting. Kazuyoshi had an enlightened moment and achieved a flawless execution, completing the kata. [1]

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