Kakita Kazan

Kakita Kazan

Kakita Kazan was a bushi magistrate and duelist of the Crane Clan.

Miryoku no Shima Edit

Kazan was considered one of the architects of Miryoku no Shima, an estate in the Colonies that belonged to both the Dragon and Crane. [1]

Returning Edit

In 1198 Kazan returned to the Colonies, alongside with his yojimbo Daidoji Kenshi, and the scholar Doji Iza. They disembarked in the Aerie to meet Kitsuki Jakuei, the current hatamoto of Miryoku no Shima, who had replaced Kazan's old friend Kitsuki Shizuro, his yojimbo Mirumoto Reiyu, and the guard Mirumoto Kyoshiro. Jakuei allowed Iza to inspect the texts Shizuro had kept there. [1]

Chief Magistrate Edit

Kazan was appointed as chief magistrate at Shizuka Toshi, and Doji Genshin was his lieutenant. He appointed the magistrate Kakita Ichigiku to investigate the suicide of Kakita Hiro, to discover why he committed seppuku without telling anyone of his plans. [2]

P'an Ku's Madness Edit

Kazan spares Kohaki

Kazan spares Kohaki

During the incidents that happened during P'an Ku's madness in the Colonies in 1199, Kazan spared honorably Kitsune Kohaki, [3] because he had no time for tomfoolery, even with mythical spirits. [4] [5]

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