Kakita Kannabe was born into one of the most prominent families of artisans in the Crane Clan, and later rose to become the governor of the Senzai District of Toshi Ranbo. [1]

Black Sheep Edit

Kannabe was born without his lineage's renowned ability to create fine art, but despite this he was still enrolled in the Kakita Artisan Academy due to his family's reputation. He passed from sensei to sensei until there were none left willing to teach the boy. To avoid further loss of face, the family traded many political favors to have Kannabe train with the Doji Courtiers. [1]

Sadane Edit

Early on his time with the Doji courtiers did not show much promise, but when he began his first lessons in the game of Sadane he was able to detect flaws that in works that even instructors found difficult to spot. His aura of authority grew so strong, that even when he made up flaws few were willing to challenge him. Kannabe quickly blossomed, developing a razor-sharp tongue which he learned to apply to politics as well. [1]

Limitations Edit

Kannabe's cruel streak, harsh and relentless rhetorical attacks, meant that he would never rise higher within the Crane Clan despite being a district governor. As a result, Kannabe made the court in his district a place of misery for those who attended it. Courtiers would have to learn to weather Kannabe's abuse, especially those promising members of his clan's ranks that might one day surpass his station. [1]


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