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Kakita Kamiko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 12th century

Kakita Kamiko was a bushi and duelist of the Crane Clan.

Death Edit

Kamiko was slain by a ronin bandit named Ryokan in the 12th century, his blue gi and hakama and katana taken as spoils of the murder. [1]

Ryokan's Sword Edit

Kamiko's blade was awakened, forcing the bandit to live up to the standards of the blade he had stolen. During the Clan War Ryokan stepped in the middle of a Shadowlands attack upon a peasant village, saving the villagers at the cost of his life. Since that day the blade was known as Ryokan's Sword. [1]

Legacy Edit

An area of the Colonies was named Kakita Kamiko's Obsession to honor him. [2]


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