Kakita Kae

Kakita Kae

Kakita Kae was courtier and storyteller of the Crane Clan.

Early Years Edit

Kae was born to a well-regarded ranch of the Kakita who proved her skills during his training in the Kakita Artisan Academy. She was also known to be quite mischievous, with an unending love for rumor and gossip. [1] Kae was a famed practitioner of the Mizu-do. [2]

Gossip Edit

In 1198 Kae was at Shizuka Toshi, attending the acclaimed play The Dangerous Popinjay, written by the recently dead Kakita Hiro. She met Kitsuki Kinaro, who was investigating Hiro's death alongside Kakita Ichigiku. Kae began to gossip about Ichgiku. [3]

Colonies Edit

Kae moved to the Colonies, and she had a great deal of influence over the state of fashion in the Second City. Some of the clothes wore by samurai were either her work, or outfits that she personally endorsed. [4] She had made friendships and alliances with members of the other delegations, and Kae had started matchmaking as well. [1]

Killing the Dark Naga Edit

In 1199 during the Dark Naga Siege of the Second City, Kae prepared a deathly trap for the creature known as the Dark Naga. She and Daidoji Tobei were chased by the massive creature, and luring the Dark Naga to the Spring Blossom Silk Works, the most valuable holding of the Crane Clan within the Second City. Cornered, she leapt from a window, while the gaijin pepper that Tobei had gathered there detonated. The building collapsed, killing the Dark Naga. [4]

Candidate to Emperor's Bride Edit

Kae returned to mainland Rokugan, being appointed to Toshi Ranbo. In 1200 it was announced that Iweko Seiken would become the new Emperor, and the Great Clans began to lobby for the selection of the Imperial Bride. She was surprised by the nakodo Doji Natsuyo, who told Kae had been chosen as the Crane candidate. [5] Kae surrendered her chances to become Imperial Bride through her publicly support of Hida Ayameko, which was part of a political arrangement of her clan with the Crab. [6]

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