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The Kakita Jester School was a school of the Crane Clan. Originally a part of the Kakita Artisan School at the Kakita Academy, it was eventually realized that the Jesters' style was something entirely different. The Jester school was spun off into its own dojo attached to the Academy. [1]

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Court Jester

Court Jester

The jester performed as an actor, dancer, musician, poet and satirist. Jesters were famous for their biting wit, which was often directed at courtly delegates. The performers specialized in pointing out others' mistakes and flaws. While normally considered dishonorable, the Jesters were given immunity in that their mockery was a part of their performance, and theortically was meant as harmless. Jesters usually attach themselves to a noble lord, for it was his sanction that kept them from dishonor and protected them in case they overlied offend a samurai. [1]

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Jester 2

A Jester

Even with the protection of their lords it was known several incidents of a jester being wounded or killed. Matsu Tsuko killed a joking Court Jester in the Imperial Court [2] when she retook the Lion-Crane War after the Scorpion Coup. [3]

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