Kakita Iwasaki was a minor governor of the crane Clan in a small city to the south of the Kakita Dueling Academy, Shiro Iwasaki. [1]

Diplomat Edit

The Kakita Daimyo, Kakita Renshu, had a border dispute with a Phoenix shugenja named Isawa Jirichi. Iwasaki thought for days, but could not come up with a way to sway Jirichi, and when the time came for him to meet the Phoenix, he was ready to accept his failure. A young woman courtier owner of several geisha houses, Kakita Sayuri, devised a plan to save his honor. They moved to meet with the Isawa, and visited a local Okasan. Sayuri arranged to get information through observant geisha spies which was used by Iwasaki during the negotiations in his advantage, gaining new insight into the Phoenix's motivations and strategies. Finally, the Isawa relented and new clan borders were created that strongly favored the Crane. [1]

Retirement Edit

His Lord Renshu decided to grant Iwasaki vassal family status in return for his great performance. Iwasaki refused, asked for retirement and told the truth. Renshu appointed Sayuri as daimyo of the Iwasaki family, granting her the city her lord had once commanded. [1]


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