Kakita Hojin 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1122

Kakita Hojin was a Crane daimyo in the early 12th century.

Bargaining to kill a Lion Daimyo Edit

Hojin was approached by Matsu Ino, brother to a Lion daimyo, Matsu Chonoku, whose lands bordered the Crane. Ino offered to lure his brother to a battle where Chonoku would die. After the battle Hojin had to accept a non lethal duel where the Crane had to loose. In such a way the majority of the Lion lands seized in the previous battle would revert to Ino. They proceeded and Ino misinformed his brother about the terrain and tactical disposition, so the trap was sprung and Chonoku died in the Battle of Kotanu Plains. Hojin lose the duel and the bargain was completed. [1]

Exposed Edit

Ten years later his man at Ino's court, Kakita Hachi, informed Hojin that a Scorpion shugenja, Shosuro Kujiko, had found tracks of the secret bargain. Hojin feared the plot would be exposed and ordered Hachi to kill her. Kujiko and Hachi disappeared and no news of them or his secret surfaced. [2] In 1122 [3] a group of magistrates detained Hachi as Kujiko's murdered, and accusation against Hojin and Ino were made by Hachi. They came to nothing because the samurai was of lower station than the accused. [4]

Death Edit

Kujiko's cousin, Bayushi Yojiro, took revenge on Ino before a month. Hojin was murdered shortly after. [5]


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