Kakita Himoto was a Fire shugenja of the Crane Clan.

Winter Court - 1668 Edit

Himoto attended Winter Court at Kyuden Otomo in 1168. Being a bitter enemy to the Shadowlands, he spent much of the winter attempting to create a coalition of samurai to work together against the Shadowlands (including such notable figures as Hiruma Todori and Ikoma Korin). They dedicated themselves to opposing Daigotsu Soetsu's insidious influence in court. Himoto also filled in for Doji Jorihime in court when she was under suspicion, under false accusations of Gozoku membership forged by the Scorpion Clan. [1]

Oni Mura Edit

After Winter Court ended they launched a mission to purify the village of Oni Mura. [1]


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