Kakita Heisen 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Kakita Tsoburo

Kakita Heisen was a duelist of the Crane Clan. He was a respected sensei and an honored gunso of the Crane army. [1]


Heisen lost his wife by a sporadic illness that plagued Crane land, being his son very young. He did his best to raise the boy, and brought Kakita Tsoburo to the Kakita Academy to train in dueling. [1]

Tragedy Edit

Tsoburo fell in love of Nagisa, an enchanting woman living within a nearby village. Eventually Nagisa told Tsoburo that she had fallen in love with another duelist of the Academy. Angered, Tsoburo requested to challenge this man. To his dismay Nagisa's beloved was Heisen, and the duel was short because he did not try to take his son's life. When a stunned Tsoburo returned to Nagisa's home to show the outcome of the duel, he found his love dead. Knowing of the sacrifice her lover was planning to make at the duel for his son, Nagisa had decided to join him. Since that day Tsoburo was a hollow shell. [1]


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