Kakita Hazuko 
Kakita Hazuko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Six un-named brothers

Kakita Hazuko was a young shugenja who trained with the Asahina family. She was graceful, attractive and intelligent, and would frequently grace Winter Courts. [1]

Family Edit

Her mother terrified Hazuko about motherhood, and the Asahina avoided love, marriage and childbirth. Hazuko became an isolated and insulated girl. Her six brothers were trained at the Kakita Dueling Academy. [1]

Training Edit

HAzuko was trained in the Asahina Shugenja school at Shinden Asahina, and her teachers guided Hazuko to the "gliding" dance, a dance style which used Air spell to assist in impressive dancing moves. In such a way she realized the world was less harsh than her mother had said. [1]

Cursed Edit

Hazuko was cursed by a critically injured pregnant woman, while Hazuko was removing her from the sacred Asahina grounds. The Asahina did not wish her death could contaminate its purity, and their cruel orders were accomplished. [1]

Single Edit

Hazuko's mother made a deep scrutiny of any suitor who wished Hazuko's hand, and the matchmakers gave up their attempts for easier brides. In several winter courts a secret contest known as "Thawing of the Ice" was secretelly sprung, and any who managed some form of personal contact with the Kakita maiden would be awarded with great prizes, of such valor as a Kaiu Blade. It was not known any winner of these rewards. [1]

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