Kakita Harunobu was an artisan of the Crane Clan.

Artisan Edit

Harunobu lived during the time of Hantei XXX working in a peasant village keeping the farmer's tools in order. During a journey to Otosan Uchi Harunobu came upon a peasant village where he saw a ronin smith, by the name Tsi, and he was impressed by the immense skill with which the man worked the metal. [1]

Taking an Apprentice Edit

Several years later Haranobu learned that Tsi had worked forging katana for the Lion Clan, and returned to the village. He made Tsi his apprentice, and set him up in the Kakita palaces. With Harunobu 's guidance, his work soon equaled those of any Crane smith, and soon was in demand by the entire family, and then by all of Rokugan. [2]

Tsi Family Edit

When in the year 879 [3] the Emperor commissioned a sword for his son the Crane allowed Tsi to create the saya for the blade. The Emperor was so taken with the beauty of their work that the Crane was made the personal smith of the Emperor [4] and Tsi would only serve the Emperor, effectively becoming an Imperial vassal family. [3]


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