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Kakita Hanae 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Kakita Dueling Academy Sensei

Kakita Hanae of House Ashidaka was a Kenshinzen and one of the Eight Elders of the Kakita Dueling Academy.

Appearance Edit

Hanae was an unassuming slight woman, lacking in the swagger one might expect from a duelist. Born in the Ashidaka vassal family, Hanae lacked a certain element of noble-born glamor that true Kakita possesed. She isolated herself in the study of swordmanship, and she had an almost complete lack of worldliness. [1]

Training Edit

Hanae revealed early an exceptional gift for swordsmanship, and by the time of her gempukku, she had become a famed student of the Kakita Dueling Academy, and advanced as junior instructor, reaching the rank of Kenshinzen. Kakita Noritoshi, the Master Sensei and Kakita Daimyo, arranged for her to be one of the Academy's Eight Elders. [2]

Duelist? Edit

Hanae was an academic of the sword, a perpetual student of swordsmanship. She had never fought an iaijutsu duel in hot blood to defend her clan or honor. Her first duel that drew blood was her challenge to gain admission to the Kenshinzen against Kakita Iichiro. [3]

Topaz Championship - 1169 Edit

Hanae was a judge at the Topaz Championship in 1169. [4]

See also Edit


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