Kakita Chiyeko

Kakita Chiyeko

Kakita Chiyeko was a bushi of the Crane Clan who became tainted during the Rain of Blood.

Falling in Love Edit

Chiyeko trained at Shiro sano Kakita, where she met Kakita Eiya, a prodigy of iaijutsu. They grew closer and were granted to have the same posting. [1]

At Shogun's Command Edit

Chiyeko was serving in the Shogun's army when Doji Midoru became part of them. [2]

Tainted Edit

Eventually, Eiya petitioned for permission to marry Chiyeko, which was granted. Before they knew their families had accepted the betrothal, the Rain of Blood came. Eiya endured, but Chiyeko became tainted, killed two of their colleagues, been grievously wounded, and then disappeared into the wilderness, a bloodied and raving madwoman. [1]

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