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Kakita Atoshi 
Kakita Atoshi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Kakita Toshiken 
Siblings: Seppun Sajiro,
Seppun Ishiko,
Kakita Noritoshi (adopted)

Kakita Atoshi was a bushi son of Kakita Toshiken and cousin of Kakita Noritoshi.

Appearance and Demeanor Edit

He was a small man with the delicate effete beauty once possessed by his father, so popular in the Crane courts. Unlike many Crane, he wore his hair a natural black, collected beneath a peaked black hat. He was the youngest - and only surviving - natural son of Kakita Toshiken. [1] He was a talented politician and gifted with the blade. [2]

Failed Kakita's Heir Edit

Atoshi was raised alongside Noritoshi, who Toshiken adopted, and trained as a courtier. Atoshi envied the attention his father showered on Noritoshi, and rebuffed his "brother's" every attempt at peace. Atoshi harangued his adopted brother even in public. [3] When Kakita Daimyo Kakita Kaiten named Noritoshi his heir, an animosity grew between the two "brothers". Even when their father was on his deathbed the two couldn't see eye to eye. [4]

Poetry Edit

Atoshi patroned several poets, and he was disgusted with any who disliked them. It was known that in 1153 the minor courtier Doji Munoto was posted as Provincial Governor to Umoeru Mura, "Rubble Village", after accidentally insulting one of Atoshi's favored poets at a Winter Court. [5]

The Shogun Edit

Doji Seishiro suggested Atoshi as the Crane member to be in the Shogun's court, but Doji Kurohito thought Akodo Kaneka's temper would not suit with Atoshi. [2]

Toshiken's Death Edit

In 1160 Atoshi was present in Kyuden Kakita when one night his father was killed by the blind duelist Megumi while she was possesed by Dairya. The Lost fled after fighting his brother Noritoshi, Toturi Miyako and himself. Shortly after the event an army of the False Hoturi was defeated by the Emerald Champion Yasuki Hachi at the closed gates of the palace. This night Atoshi also became uncle, being his brother Noritoshi father of his son Kakita Ichiro, who suffered the Kyuden Kakita Curse. [4]

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