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Kakita Amiko was a court musician of the Crane Clan who became the favorite of the Imperial Governor of the Colonies Otomo Suikihime. Rumors said that they were childhood friends in Toshi Ranbo. [1]

Training Edit

Amiko had a foul mouth feared by those who became her target, a master of insult and mockery. She trained her biting wit and sharp tongue in the Kakita Artisan Academy, alongside with her artistic talents under the wing of sensei Kakita Noriko. Her solo piece for the Koto, “Moonlight Dragonfly,” was renowned. [2]

Colonies Edit

The Governor Otomo Suikihime appointed her as Head of the Ivory Court musicians in the Second City shortly after Amiko publicy mocked a rival musician who had criticized her. She was charge of the musician's training and also Amiko had to compose all court music. They became good friends, second only to Shiba Fusimi in closeness. Amiko encouraged the Governor in her spontaneous decisions and behavior, while Fusimi constantly worried Suikihime would get herself into trouble, a rivalry which was overridden by their shared loyalty to the Governor. No samurai dared to court her lest he found her disapproval turning to courtly derision. [2]

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