The following is an attempt to determine the important dates in the life of Kakita. As with all early history of Rokugan, the exact timelines are somewhat murky, so it is likely that an exact figure will never be reached. Until then, we will attempt to come as close as we can to an answer, regardless.

Facts Edit

  • Became Emerald Champion at 19 years old. Married Doji the same year. Nothing is known of him before this.
  • Died at 39, 20 years later.
  • Was present at the Day of Thunder in 42.
  • Eldest son, Doji Yasurugi, was old enough that day to be already married and a father. Because of the modern westernization of the medieval oriental setting, he is likely to be at least 18 at the time.
  • Given the time devoted to Kakita's quest to win Doji's heart, which was begun when he was already 19, Yasurugi was likely born no earlier than Kakita's 20th year.
  • Died at the hand of Mirumoto Hojatsu, because Mirumoto was already dead.

Conclusions Edit

  • Kakita was around 38 years old in the year 42 (20+18).
  • Kakita could have been born no earlier than the year 3, as that would put his death at 39 years of age prior to the Day of Thunder. Kakita's birth in the year 4 is more likely.
  • Having become Emerald Champion at 19, this would place the Tournament in the year 22 or 23, though 23 is more likely.
  • Kakita died after the Day of Thunder.
  • Kakita probably died about a year after the Day of Thunder.
  • The RPG book Imperial Histories gives deeper information about correct dates on Kakita.

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