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Kakera was a zokujin Spirit-speaker who worked to free her race from their Lion captors. [1]

Friend Edit

Hojin was an eta friend of the Zokujin, the one who gave her the name of kakera due to its small size. [2]

Tainted River Edit

In 1114 the kami of the Three Stone River abandoned its home. [3] Unknown to the zokujin it had take human form, as the head of the monastery of Yaruki Jukko, near Kenson Gakka. In 1118 fused with the body of the monk Tankenka, and permanently subduing Tankenka's conscious mind, who changed his name to Noshin. [4] After six years, the kami's absence had caused the river to become stagnant and mired. A tribe of zokujin began to suffer of starvation, because their natural food source, the common rocks of the mines, had become corrupted by the river. [3]

Seeking Aid Edit

Kakera knew the tunnels in the area, made by the Scorpion in the 6th century, before the Lion seized the city. Using them she appeared inside a temple, causing alarm, mistakenly mixed up with a demon of the Shadowlands. A Kuni Witch Hunter determined Kakera bore no taint and left her free. [5]

Samurai Group Edit

Kakera pleaded a group of samurai to discover and rectify the problem with the river. Kakera told that she had followed the smell of the river, guiding her to the temple. Somehow Kakera could sense the kami inside Noshin. The Castle's Lord, Matsu Kioma, ordered to take the creature away of the city walls. [6]

Freeing the Kami Edit

Eventually, Kakera aided Noshin in separating himself from the kami within him, returning it to its home in Three Sides River, where it began to repair the damage done over the six years of its absence. [7]

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