A Kajinin fireman

Kajinin were the neighborhood firemen of Ryoko Owari.

Firemen Edit

The firemen of Ryoko Owari were fairly unique; most other cities delegated this important task to official city employees. The Governor of the city paid the local "fire departments" a small stipend yearly, but it's much less than he would have to pay for a formal fire department. [1] The first Kajinin formed was the Temple Road Firemen after the Sixth governor Shosuro Kurodo eliminated the city fire department to cut down expenses. [2] Within a century Ryoko Owari's firemen evolved into organized protection rackets, criminal gangs who only fought fires as a sideline to their coercive activities. [3]

Behaviour Edit

Some kajinin were like street gangs; others were more like a neighborhood watch. Their attitude towards crime varied widely from group to group. There were two things every fire-fighting group had in common. First, they were good at putting out fires, and they took their job seriously. Secondly, they were loyal to the local Governor, but even more loyal to each other. [4] They used to be enemies of the Thunder Guard, the Elite Guardians of the city under the command of the governor. [5]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1172 the Thunder Guard and the kajinin worked together to evacuate the city during the Destroyer War. The God Beast of Kali-Ma was approaching and it was not clear if the assembled rokugani armies could stop it. [5]

Known Kajinin Edit

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