Kaiu Yemon 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 7th century

Kaiu Yemon was a Kaiu Engineer of the Crab Clan of the 7th century. [1]

Hidden vault Edit

Yemon was recruited to build a vault in a desolate granite mountains. He built the outside walls and spared no expense to making them secure. He did not known anything more, because he had been blindfolded for over a week journey, and returned home after the work was done. The place Yemon built was known as Yemon's Legacy. [1]

Death Edit

Yemon was promptly kidnapped by a man with Shosuro accent, Shosuro Sanzo. The Scorpion tortured Yemon until he would drawn a map of his part of the project. Then the mysterious Shosuro killed him. [1]

After death Edit

In 1121 the spirit of Yemon was raised by Yogo Senko, who had been recruited for such task by Hoji Bokusui, and with some help from Kuni Hyakken. Yemon was not a cooperative ghost; he told them only that the Shosuros had the map they sought. [1]

Starting a quest Edit

Yemon's spirit did not just settle after the spell effects ended. Awakened, he felt remorse for drawing the map and haunted his last lineal descendant, Kaiu Joji, who badgered by Yemon, abandoned his post in the Shadowlands and began a quest on finding and destroying the map. [2]


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