The Kaiu Wave Wall was constructed in Clear Water Village between 402 and 413. They were conceived by Yasuki Daimyo Yasuki Kaname during a visit to the village, and construction was overseen by Kaiu Harata. The land portion of the walls was completed in 409, but the final portion of the wall which stretched into the sea was not finished until 413. [1]

The walls surrounded the port on all sides by land, and extended into the waters to protect the harbour. They were incredibly thick at the base, and wide enough for three men to walk abreast along the top. Kaiu siege weapony was mounted on every wall and tower, and hidden tunnels ran throughout the insides of the walls. [2]

Kuni Tower Edit

The Kuni Tower in Clear Water Village had the outward appearance of any of the other towers found along the Wave Wall. Accessed from a small jetty, stone steps climbed to a door ten feet above the high water mark. Entering the door however, one would find a set of stairs disappearing downward below the water level. [3]


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