Kaiu Umasu 
Kaiu Umasu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1170 
Parents: Un-named Kaiu Daimyo 
Titles: Kaiu Daimyo,
Rikugunshokan of the Third Crab Army

Kaiu Umasu was a Siege Master of the Crab Clan. He became the Kaiu Daimyo after this father, and held the position until his death in 1170.

Early Years Edit

Umasu was born into an influential branch of the Kaiu, being his uncle the Kaiu Daimyo Kaiu Utsu. Umasu had few political aspirations and entered the Kaiu Engineering Academy. [1]

Kaiu Daimyo Edit

When Utsu died in Umasu's youth, his father became the family daimyo. His father was not a well man, and he passed on after only a decade serving as the family daimyo. [1] During the Four Winds struggle Umasu was a supporter of Toturi Tsudao. [2]

O-Ushi's Death Edit

Kaiu Umasu 2

Daimyo Umasu

Umasu was beside his Lady, Hida O-Ushi, when the Crane forces led by the Crane Clan Champion Doji Kurohito confronted the Crab army in the Second Yasuki War. [3]

Shiro Hiruma Edit

Umasu was again amongst the advisors to Hida Kuon sometime in 1159 when news came that the Oni Lord Shikibu no Oni was attacking Shiro Hiruma. Umasu advised against Hiruma Masagaro's request that no Crab forces be taken from the Kaiu Wall to aid in the defense of the castle. In the end, Kuon sent word to Yasuki Jinn-Kuen in Friendly Traveler Village to request aid from the Crane forces stationed there. [4]

Carpenter Wall Falls Edit

His first few years as daimyo had not been easy, as his personality did not inspire loyalty or even friendship. This changed after the Carpenter Wall Falls, proving his leadership rebuilding the wall. [1] Umasu ordered Kaiu Ryojiro to sever the Tower of Fear from the Kaiu Wall, which had been lost in 1159, and to build another part of the Wall around it. [5]

Shinsei's Last Hope Edit

Umasu was present in Kaiu Shiro in 1160, when it was learned that there would be an imminent attack on Shinsei's Last Hope. Umasu was outraged to learn that Yasuki Hachi and a platoon of Emerald Magistrates were already at the village. Kuon silenced him, and ordered his advisors to send reinforcements in the hopes that Hachi and his two hundred men would buy them enough time to reach the village. [6]

Kisada's Return Edit

In 1166 Umasu was present at Kyuden Hida in the reception made to Hida Kisada, who had returned to life through the Oblivion's Gate. [7]

Khol Wall Edit

During a visit to the Crab lands of the Khan Moto Chagatai, Umasu offered his aid to extend the Kaiu Wall around the Unicorn lands. [8] This year began the Khol Wall, to protect Empire from the west. [9]

Rikugunshokan Edit

Umasu was appointed as Rikugunshokan of the Third Crab Army, with Kaiu Shun as his chief Shireikan. Kuni Tansho was anther shireikan. [10]

Death Edit

Umasu was killed in 1170 during Daigotsu's assassination campaign against the Great Clans. [11]

See also Edit

Kaiu Umasu 1

Siege Master Umasu

External Links Edit

Preceded by:
Umasu's Father
Kaiu Daimyo
(c. 1157) - 1170
Succeeded by:
Kaiu Iemasa


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